How to operate Double shaft shredder?

  1. Shredder operation basic principle

For whatever reason, the host must be started with no load.

  1. Preparation before starting the machine

A、The motor outlet is connected to the wiring number of the electric control cabinet according to the serial number

of the line head. The control cabinet outlet is divided into four lines. The 380v main line air switch connects three

wires. Connect a No. N neutral wire in the current control cabinet.

B、The N220 intermediate pressure gear oil must be added before the reducer works. The amount added is two-thirds

of the oil meter.

  1. Shredder system startup principle
  2. a) First peripheral device and then major device
  3. b) First auxiliary equipment reprocessing equipment;
  4. Boot program:Electronically controlled start switch, Idle running for one minute to check that the machine is

abnormal. Can start feeding.

  1. Production process control

A.After the shredder is started, Check the ammeter pointer, The ammeter pointer starts to feed after there is no

abnormality after the maximum value is turned to the minimum value. Each start-up mode must ensure that the

current is stable after the shredder main engine is switched on after normal operation;

B.According to the main motor current, the feed amount is gradually increased slowly. Until the main motor current

reaches and stabilizes at 85%~95% of the rated value

Routine maintenance and care

1、Double shaft shredder maintenance

In order to keep the equipment running properly and prevent accidents, Regular maintenance and repair of the

equipment is required.