Our jaw type crusher Advantage

Eccentric shaft adopt 40Cr steel precise forged, Advanced Movable jaw plate assemble made from high quality casting parts, Tooth-shape plate, deep V-chamber, high manganese steel material ZGMn13-4 make crusher more reliable, Precise casting heavy fly wheel,Jaw crusher frame adopt thick Q235B heavy steel plate welding process.Machine blasting, anti-rust painting, surface painting at least three times paintings.

The machine should be installed in anti-rain places and not in the open rain situation

The electric motor should be installed at the back of the crusher, the direction of rotation must be according to the stipulation, but not inverse situation.

The machine should be fastened on the concrete ground base, a discharge trouah shall be set aside

for the foundation, the slope should be over 40°.The base topography depends on the material and transportation equipment.

Relax the spring before adjusting exit of the discharging material and fasten it after

adjusting.The tension degree of the sound produced between toggle plate and toggle plate

seat is lowest and the toggle plate can not break off when it workswhich is good for the spring.

Make sure that the connecting bolts are fastened before trying to operate the machine.

Make sure that the moving parts are well lubricated before trying to operate the machine.

Please move the belt wheel by hand and make sure that the movement is not blocked, and then try to operate the machine without any load.Within impact in two hours, impact and swing of belt wheel and relaxation between shaft are not permitted.

The cases such as concussion,swing of belt wheel, relaxation between shaft are net permitted. The rising temperature of bearing can not over 35℃if the above cases happen, please stop the machine and repair it.

Load test needs ten hours. If it has no above trouble when crush the hard ore mineral,and

bearings temperature does not exceed70℃then can be put into use.

Because of the machine will produce strong vibrating force when it works, we advise that installing it on the concrete ground, in order to decrease the vibration, noise and absorb the vibration, reduce the vibration to the base of building, you should put hard wood plate, rubber and other reducing-vibration between the crusher and base ground.