Our PF Series Impact Crusher is imported technology from Germany ,it is mainly made up of rotor impact racks racks and rotating parts,etc.compared to traditional technology,we supply the optional part -hydraulic opening cylinder which can opening the chamber and change wear part in short time.

The machine adopts self-weight safety device on the rear shelf when the non-crushed material

enters the crushing chamber,front and back impact rack retreat non-broken material is discharged from the machine.

Besides our blow bar is made of KMTBCr26,lining plate is  made of ZGMn13-4,its lifetime is 1/3 longer than ordinary alloy.

Our impact crusher Structure and Feature

Rotor parts 

1.The rotor frame is welded with steel,plate hammer is fixed in the correct position,the axial spacing devices, can effectively prevent the blow bar move。

2.Blow bar is made of high wear-resistant material. The rotor has a good static and dynamic balance and impact resistance.

3.The frame of the impact crusher is composed of an upper frame and a lower frame, which are

connected by bolts. To ensure the safe and reliable replacement of wearing parts.

We recommended users place lifting device on the rack which will help you be

more efficient to open the rack to replace wearing parts or repair equipment. There are doors on both The machine is equipped with front and back impact racks both is gravity suspension structure.

4.Transmission part is driven by efficient narrow V-belt drive.Pulleys matched with the main shaft is connected with a cone sleeve, increasing the carrying capacity of the joint surface, easy to assemble and

disassemble. The rotor speed can be adjusted by replacing the sheave.