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wood crusher

The Industrial Branch Crusher template wood crusher is a professional crushing equipment . It is mainly used for crushing: bamboo glue board, waste formwork on construction site, waste building formwork, wooden pallet, container, packing box, waste furniture, wood scrap, etc. With a de-ironing system, it can remove most of the nails, steel and other metals.

This equipment is widely used in template plant, bamboo glue board factory, wood-based board factory, composite board factory, biomass power plant, etc. as well as individual wood processing plants and other waste wood processing enterprises.

Features of wood log Crusher Machine:

  1. Intermeshing blade, make the crushed materialsize uniform;
  2. The blade is made of alloy material, which is wear-resistant,rigid impact and has a long service life;
  3. Hydraulic locking structure, suitable for crushing plates of different thicknesses;
  4. Separate power system, active protectingequipment safelyoperation;
  5. Configure the iron remover to remove most metal objects such as nails and steel bars;
  6. Automatic control cabinet, advanced, safe and convenient, reducing manual cost.

Wood Crusher Machine

–Wood composite crusher is mainly used for building template,wasted wood pallet,Tree bark,Slabs,off cuts,branches,straw and so on.
–Including Host,chain plate,feeding and outlet system,intelligent electrical control.
–Chain Plate Feeding conveyor feeding more freely, no need change the belt all the time.
–Reasonable structure,simple operation,high automatic level,high safety coefficient and production capacity,less manpower,easy maintenance.
–It is the ideal equipment for biomass power generation enterprises.

Our wood log crusher advantage :

Option 1 :Blade Type Roller

the blade type roller suitable for crushing the logs ,tress branch,wood slabs.

Option 2 :Hummer Type Roller

the hummer type roller suitable for crushing the building template,wasted wood pallet,sugarcane leaves,tree bark

3.Screen Mesh

The size of the wood chips is controlled by the size of the mesh holes. Generally, the size of the broken wood chips is 20-40mm, and we can also customize it according to customer requirements.


this blade mainly use for crushing the logs ,tress branch,wood slabs.

5.Slot Chain Plate Feeding Conveyor

Our crusher feeding conveyor is slot chain plate ,not ordinary belt conveyor , so that the machine is more durable and prolongs the service life of the machine

wood chipper Crusher Technical Data):