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Industrial shredder

Double shaft shredder machine

Brief Production

Benyu double shaft shearing type shredders , known by shearing, tearing and pressing to  decrease the material size, is mainly used for shredder tires, films, bags, metal, woods, pipes and other plastic waste .Benyu double shaft shredder adopt Siemens motor with EU CE certification and PC auto-control system totally, set up the functions of start-up,halt,reversal,overloading and auto reverse control, with the characteristic such as low speed,big torque,low noise etc.

Working principle

Double shaft shredders use the basic principle of hammer hitting, upper feeding inlet with filtering belt which is driven by high speed and big torque motor; hammer in the main rotor hits the material which is entering crusher chamber in turn and shreds the material into regular one.

Important Notes

Knife thickness of shredder includes:15mm,20mm,40mm,50mm,75mm,100mm,you can select knife on the basis of shredded material.


  1. Plastic: large head material, engineering plastics, paint barrels, glass

2.Appliances: TV sets, monitors, microwave ovens, dishwashers and other small and medium-sized home appliances shell, electrical equipment

3.Electronic products: computer host shell, hard drive, CD-ROM, battery shell

4.Pipe: PVC, PE, PP and other pipe, urban water supply pipe, drain pipe

5.Wood: logs, pallets. Wood chop board, piece of furniture

6.Rubber: waste car tires, conveyor belt

7.Metal: metal sheet such as copper, aluminum or iron, aluminum castings and crush blocks, motorcycles, car engine housings, oil filters

  1. Worn clothes and so on.


  1. Unique multiple combination sealing structure effectively blocks the contact of broken material and grease.
  2. The liquid material can protect the bearing, gear, ensuring continuous and stable operation of machine.

Double shaft shredder technical parameters:


Advantages of Double shaft shredder for sale

  1. The machine is suitable to treat the big size of plastic product ,such as big diameter plastic pipe ,pressing plastic film and others,waste furniture without sorting,compared traditional crusher,it is more widely used for different material.
  2. The blade base and blade on the rotary roller can be disassembly .it is easy to clean and maintenance.
  3. The rotary blade adopt the V design, It can decrease the noise and decrease energy consumption.


FAQ of shredder machine.

I:What meaning of DY600,DY800,DY1000?

Answer: 600,800,1000MM means the shredding chamber length .

II:Which materials are suitable for each blade, 55Crsi, 9Crsi, H13, or SKD-11?

1.Service Life and price difference a: most supplier shredder cutter is main 55Crsi material, it is universal and  cheaper which is suitable for shredding soft material such as plastic,paper etc,but its lifetime is usually short 6-8month .9Crsi is more resistant than 55Crsi,the cutter life time is 1/3 compared to 55CrSi,it is more widely used for different material such as wood,waste,light metal ,etc.

  1. The H13and SKD-11  is with higher hardness,it is more suitable for shredding hard material such as scrap metal and waste car.price is most expensive.

What type of the shredder drive type ?


III:Advantages of hydraulic motors for 1000-2200 type equipment?

Answer: it can work continuously with pressure up to 25 MPA, peak can be up to 40 MPA, speed up to 150 revolutions more than ordinary motor, and can resist super strong impact, performance and service life more than double that of domestic ordinary motor of the same type, used in all kinds of harsh working conditions. Can the blade thickness of each shaft of the double shaft shredder be different? A: It’s usually the same. 5 How accurate selection, such as the raw material is plastic, the maximum feed 400 mm, production requirements 1TON, need to determine the thickness. A: need 6 output per model, inlet size, discharge range, blade material, quantity, diameter. And the accuracy of the power, shape, size and weight of the following parameters are accurate, such as the accuracy of the quotation filled. Answer: Price Reference Before Group quotation