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Gypsum rock crushing ,grinding plant in Algeria

Project name :Gypsum rock crushing ,grinding plant in Algeria.

  • Crushing part

Feeder feeds Jaw Crusher from Hopper evenly.Fine Crusher makes fine crushing.Dust happening during the coarse and fine crushing.So Pulse Dust Collector sucks the dust air from Jaw Crusher and Fine Crusher through steel pipes.Fine stone transferred from Hopper Below the earth to hopper of mill machine regularly.Iron or metal separated by Permanent Iron Removers before grinding.

  • Drying and Grinding Part

The drying plant will dry the mositure to under 10% before enter grinding mill.Grinding Mill composed of grinding part(roller and ring),classifying part(separate fan) and wind pneumatic part(blower and air steel pipes).Magnetic Feeder transfers material from switch hopper to grinding chamber evenly.Coarse stone broke and ground between the roller and ring.Blades at the bottom of chamber shovel the material to keep constant grinding.Blower send high pressure air from the bottom of machine and blow up power to classifier.Stand powder go to cyclones loosing speed and collected as product.A part of ultra fine dust powder collected by Pulse Dust Collector and discharged by Screw Conveyor.

  • Storagepart

Screw conveyor collects product from two Cyclones and pulse dust collector.Then feeding Bucket Elevator.Three Silos were fed by bucket elevator through Screw Conveyor which is fixed on the top silos.

  • Packaging and Bulkloading

One screw conveyor at the bottom of silos works for packaging machine.Product transferred by flat belt and rubber belt to truck after the packaging.

Each silo has another discharging mouth which fixed with discharging valve and screw conveyor.This part plays for big bag loading or bulk loading.

  1. Description
  • Crushing part

Belt Conveyor (Motor+reducer+rain roof+safety pull cored) Motors (60 Hz and F protection)

Based on concrete foundation

  • Grinding part

Motor on mill machine(Siemens+FF protection) Reducer on mill machine(Guomao)

Capacity table as below for YGM160 grinding mill(data difference in difference places)

Output in micron Capacity(t/h) Accepted limited(t/h)
70 16 +/- 0.7
60 15.5 +/- 0.4
50 13.8 +/- 0.33
40 13 +/- 0.25
30 8.7 +/- 0.45
10 1.5 +/- 0.08
5 0.2 +/- 0.05
  • Storagepart

Structure of hopper before jaw crusher,hopper below the earth and storage silos designed by supplier.Client buy raw material and build them locally.

Level indicator for each silo.